Martha Burns Swimming School

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IMG 4245

What makes us different?

How is the Martha Burns program different from other swim programs?

Our staff and program are dedicated to developing happy and confident lifelong swimmers. The Martha Burns Swim School's safety, skills, and success method focuses on teaching your child as an individual within a group dynamic. We believe in an approach that encourages your child to want to learn and try new things. Learning to swim is a lifesaving skill.

What Makes Us Different?

  1. Most experience in the Twin Cities: Martha Burns has over 50 years of swimming experience from competing herself in swimming to teaching swim lessons.
  2. Curriculum: At Martha Burns Swim School, we believe in teaching proper technique from day one. While the complete stroke comes together without "levels" holding back on the swimmer advancement. Now the swimmer is capable of achieving any dream.
  3. Facilities: We have gone to great lengths to provide a facility where children want to swim and discover a rewarding relationship with the water. The facility was created for children of all ages to advance at a rate appropriate to their needs. Our small indoor pool water is heated to 92° in the pool area year-round.
  4. Class Size: At Martha Burns, we have no more than five children per class. This means your child will get the individual attention he or she needs.