Martha Burns Swimming School

three kids in da pool

three kids in da pool


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Martha Burns swim school is AMAZING!!! I have enrolled my daughter in 3 swim classes prior to this and had a difficult time getting her to even put her head under water. It was a struggle each week to get her to want to go in the pool. Within the first 1/2 hour of her first class at Martha Burns she was swimming with her head under water for 7 seconds and doing the back float unassisted. David was an amazing instructor and my daughter can't wait to go back!
-Kelly Beckmann

We highly recommend Martha Burns Medina. One pool, no more than 10 kids at a time/2 instructors, so the kids get a quality lesson without a lot of chaos.
-Melissa Sweatt Carberry

Before Martha Burns Swimming School, my children (ages 5 and 3) were very reluctant to swim. After only a few sessions, they have really improved and actually enjoy swimming. The personalized instruction is fantastic-the instructors are enthusiastic, supportive and effective. Thank you Martha Burns!!!!!!!
-Molly Cronin

William had taken other swimming classes, but couldn't get comfortable putting his face in the water. Within two lessons at Martha Burns he was totally comfortable in the water and learning to swim. The classes are small and the instructors are encouraging. William really looks forward to his swim class at Martha Burns.Mark took swimming at community ed but the classes were too large and the quality of instructors varied. Mark enjoys the warm water, small class size and individual instruction. He has a lot of fun and his swimming skills have greatly improved.
-Judy Mathison

Living in Minnesota, learning to swim is not a "get to" it's a "have to". That's why we trust Martha Burns Swim School. It's not uncommon for strangers to comment on our young children's swimming skills and respect for the water. Not only is learning to swim a confidence builder, it's a vital safety concern. We highly recommend Martha Burns Swim School.
-Tim and Julianna Clarkson