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Medina Classes

We offer different class options. Indicate class option on the registration form.

Half Time Class • 30 minute class, once a week

Full Time Class • 1 x 60 minute class, once a week OR 2 x 30 minute class, twice a week

All class options are available Monday-Saturday. Sundays reserved for private lessons, semi-private lessons, and pool parties.

Make Up Lessons Policy

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2020 Session Schedule

Winter Session

Spring Session

Cabin Countdown Session

Summer Sessions

Summer SPLASH! Camps 2020

CANCELLED due to Pool Restrictions for COVID-19!

Fall Sessions

Session Fees

No registration fees. All sessions are 4-week unless otherwise noted. All pricing is per student.

4-Week Session

Fees per Student

Small Group Lessons

Foundation Classes:

Full-Time Class* 1x60 min per week
2x30 min per week
Half-Time Class* 1x30 min per week $110

Technique Classes:

Mini Strokes (I)**
Strokes Techniques (II-III)**
Technique Refinement (IV)**
60 min per week $170
Swim Team Prep (V)***
Sunday @ 4:30-5:30pm
60 min per week $200

Private Lessons

Private Classes (1:1, limited availability)

60 min per week $560
45 min per week $420
30 min per week $280

Semi-Private Classes (Max. 3:1, limited availability)

60 min per week $360
45 min per week $270
30 min per week $180

*Maximum 5:1, student to instructor ratio & never more than 2 concurrent classes.
**Max. 7:1 at Medina
***Max 12:1 (30 student MAX), class held at Blake School - Hopkins!

Register Early, Class Size Limited!

We do not guarantee make-up lessons

Accommodating missed lessons due to vacation/birthday parties/sporting events, etc. are very difficult due to our full schedule. Our first priority for make-ups is for serious illness.

Our instructors find it very disruptive to their classes to include a child they have never previously had for a make-up lesson. For this reason, if a make-up is absolutely necessary we ask that your child has the lesson schedule with their current instructor. We ask that you please treat your swim lesson like any other sporting activity your child participates in where make-up lessons are typically not offered for a missed practice.

We want to be accommodating since we do understand emergencies occur. We also want to make it fair to the children attending their regular class. It takes away from instruction time when an unfamiliar child is put into their class. For some of our more apprehensive children, it can be very upsetting when the regular routine of their lesson and the children in their class change for any reason.

Thank you for your consideration. Teaching your children to swim in a warm and nurturing environment is our top priority.